Why do I need to verify my account?

We require all of our customers to verify their accounts. This helps to safeguard your account and maintain deliverability for you and all of our customers.

How does the free plan work?

Once you create and verify your account, you can store up to 100 contacts for free, using Paubox Marketing. Need more? You can easily upgrade to our standard plan at anytime.

How does Paubox Marketing work?

Paubox is a leader in secure email that empowers developers and marketers to drive meaningful and lasting engagements with their customers. With Paubox Marketing, you can create, send, and track one-to-many messages. Because it’s backed by our cloud-based SMTP provider, which acts as an email delivery engine, you can send email without the cost and complexity of maintaining your own email servers. It takes the complication out of email creation so you can quickly and easily produce professional emails to achieve your business goals.