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Protect against email attacks

Advanced email threat protection keeps your organization secure and patient data safe.

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4,000+ customers trust Paubox to secure 68 million emails every month

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Protect against security threats

  • Incoming mail goes through multi-layer security filters to check for email threats
  • Filters for SPF record, domain validity, malware, viruses, phishing attacks and spam
  • Our zero trust approach provides an added layer of security, requiring multi-factor authentication before any email is delivered
Stylized screenshot depicting Email Suite Encryption
Stylized screenshot depicting Email Security

Innovative security features

  • ExecProtect: Stops display name spoofing attacks that impersonate colleagues and trick employees into falling for malicious requests
  • Geofencing: Quarantines emails originating from countries of your choice that are sending spam or malicious emails
  • DomainAge: Checks the age of a sender’s email domain and quarantines emails coming from new domains, which are more likely to send malicious emails
  • Zero Trust Email: Leverages an algorithm to add multi-factor authentication to filter out suspicious emails

Whitelist and blacklist settings

  • Whitelist specific email addresses or domains to ensure all emails from those locations are sent to the inbox
  • Blacklist specific email addresses or domains to send all incoming mail into quarantine for review
  • Easily manage and customize rulesets within the Paubox Admin Panel
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Admin controls

  • View and manage quarantine and mail logs and take action to release or delete those emails
  • Set up, configure and manage settings for email encryption and email security
  • Allow access for team members to view and manage their own individual mail logs and quarantine


  • Track  the number of malicious emails blocked 
  • Export reports to share with your organization
  • Set up automated daily or weekly updates to be sent to specific email addresses
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Data loss prevention 

  • Stops accidental or malicious data leaks by preventing employees from transmitting or receiving unauthorized information
  • Customize filtering options to stop emails that contain sensitive content or attachments, using robust scanning features
  • Review quarantined emails and decide to release or block them


  • Keep copies of inbound and outbound emails and attachments that are sent to external contacts
  • Emails are securely archived in the cloud
  • Search and view archived emails
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Testimonial headshot

Elena Yau, Director of Information Technology, Five Acres

We were so used to our encryption and security technology having complications and being hard to use. With [Paubox Email Suite Plus], you don’t have to do anything – just send and receive your email. It’s amazing.

Elena Yau
Director of Information Technology
Five Acres

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