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Automations for healthcare

Boost productivity, cut costs, and improve data accuracy with automated workflows for tasks that flow through your email

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4,000+ customers trust Paubox to secure 68 million emails every month

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Reduce operating costs

Save money by reducing or eliminating time-consuming manual tasks

  • Leverage AI to simplify and accelerate clinical and administrative processes
  • Automate EHR data entry
  • Transcribe voicemail audio files into HIPAA compliant email
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Increase business impact

Free up staff to focus on strategic initiatives that affect patient care and the bottom line

  • Remove the responsibility of mundane tasks from your staff
  • Dedicate more time to strategic efforts like digital transformation
  • Improve staff satisfaction

Improve data accuracy

Limit the chance of human error in transcribing, recording or transferring information

  • Ensure accuracy by removing the human element from repetitive tasks
  • Minimize risk by reducing manual data entry
  • Deploy custom workflow automations and several out-of-the-box solutions
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The Paubox team listened to us and delivered a great solution

The Paubox team listened to us and delivered a great solution. Their team has become an integral partner in improving our patient and employee experience. We are already saving 500 minutes a week in labor right after rolling it out. That's equivalent to 468 hours across the organization and $9,360 in wages saved. This bot makes life easier for everyone and keeps our PHI secure.

Tony Cox
Henderson Behavioral Health

How Paubox workflow automation works

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Information is emailed to your organization

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Automations transcribe attached files or intake forms

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The captured data is recorded in your EHR or similar destination

Use Cases

  • Voicemail-to-email transcription

When employees receive voicemails as an email attachment from your on-premise phone server they have to spend time listening to each voicemail and transcribing notes. Instead, use automation via natural language processing to transcribe the voicemails so employees can easily skim transcriptions and gather the information that’s important, without listening to every voicemail—saving them time throughout the day.

  • Secure intake form

Improve your healthcare client’s email marketing strategy with personalized emails. Segment audiences and tailor messages to specific patients to send effective campaigns.

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Bolster your organization’s security with healthcare’s most trusted HIPAA-compliant email solution

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