500Health Showcase at 500 Startups San Francisco (with pictures)

500Health Showcase at 500 Startups San Francisco - Paubox
Rebecca Woodcock, Venture Partner at 500 Startups, kicked things off.

  • The 500Health Showcase featured pitches from 8 digital health startups.
  • There were 2 Fireside Chats: Ran Ma (SirenCare) and Ashwin Pushpala (Sano).
  • It concluded with an investor panel: Lynne Chou O’Keefe, Francisco Gimenez, and Jeff Lee.

Yesterday afternoon I walked a couple blocks from our office over to 500 Startups for the 500Health Showcase.

The program agenda included a demo showcase for the Batch 20, 21, and 22 Digital Health startups from 500 Startups Health. In addition to demo pitches, there was an investor panel and two fireside chats.

Phuong Tran and I got there early to setup our banner and catch up with friends and investors. I hadn’t seen Zach Gobst (LeapCure) in a couple months- the man is on the startup hustle! I also saw Marvin Liao but didn’t get a chance to catch up with him. Our Batch (B18) loves Mad Marvin.

The food and beverages were delicious as well.

Here are pics from the event. Enjoy!

The 500Health Showcase agenda.
The 500Health Showcase agenda - Paubox

Getting more comfortable with selfies: Myself, Ryan Williams (SalesCollider), Clayton Bryan and Phuong Tran.
Hoala Greevy, Ryan Williams, Clayton Bryan, Phuong Tran - 500 Startups - Paubox

Networking before the event kicked off.
500Health Showcase at 500 Startups San Francisco - Paubox

Phuong and I caught up with our friends from Batch 18: Manu Kurbonali (Zentist) and Chinmay (SimplifiMed)
500Health Showcase at 500 Startups San Francisco - Paubox

Batch 23 Applications are now open.
Batch 23 applications are being accepted

Ran Ma, co-founder and CEO of SirenCare.
Ran Ma, SirenCare - 500 Startups - Paubox

SirenCare Fireside Chat with Suraj Mehta and Ran Ma.
SirenCare Fireside Chat with Suraj Mehta and Ran Ma

Jane Wang (Optimity) began the 500Health Startup Pitches.
Jane Wang, Optimity - Paubox

Zivana Zerjal (Elyse28)
Zivana Zerjal, Elyse28 - 500 Startups - Paubox

Garrett Ruhland (Biomarker.io)
Garrett Ruhland, Biomarker.io - 500 Startups - Paubox

Leonid Popov (TrueCare24)
Leonid Popov, TrueCare24 - 500 Startups - Paubox

Kevin Krauth (Orderly Health)
Kevin Krauth, Orderly Health - 500 Startups - Paubox

Ayush Bharti (OurHealthMate)
Ayush Bharti, OurHealthMate - 500 Startups - Paubox

Balaji Gopalan (MedStack)
Balaji Gopalan, MedStack - 500 Startups - Paubox

Aziz Kaddan (Myndlift)
Aziz Kaddan, Myndlift - 500 Startups - Paubox

Selfies are faster to take when there’s a lot going on.
500Health Showcase - 500 Startups - Paubox

Fireside Chat with Ashwin Pushpala (Sano) and Suraj Mehta
Fireside Chat with Ashwin Pushpala and Suraj Mehta - Sano - 500 Startups - Paubox

Jessica Tan: Welcome back!
Jessica Tan, 500 Startups - Paubox

The Investor Panel: Francisco Gimenez (8VC), Jeff Lee (DCM Ventures), Lynne Chou O’Keefe (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers)
500Health Showcase Investor Panel - 500 Startups - Paubox

We propped the latest Paubox banner in a great location. Secure Mail Made Easy
Paubox Banner - 500 Startups

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