Aadli Abdul-Kareem: True interoperability is finally being addressed

Aadli Abdul-Kareem: True Interoperability is finally being addressed - Paubox

The mother of all healthcare conferences, HIMSS Annual, went down last week at the Venetian in Las Vegas. At least 40,000 people descended upon the Sands Expo Center to network, learn and probably do a bit of gambling.

Aadli Abdul-Kareem, Electronic Health Network Co-Founder

We setup an impromptu interview center outside Palazzo Ballroom L.

Aadli Abdul-Kareem, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Electronic Health Network, stopped by to share his biggest takeaway from HIMSS18.

Here’s the transcript from Aadli’s takeaway:

Aadli Abdul-Kareem: My biggest takeaway is actually going down to the Interoperability Showcase and seeing how much they’re promoting system integration and interoperability across applications.

It looks like now everything from having a data center infrastructure that’s HIPAA-secured and ensuring that within that data center infrastructure, there’s tools that developers can leverage to integrate with EHR systems, more easily consume laboratory and share laboratory information, even down to consent. Like having behavioral health be a very huge topic in tackling “how do I drive consent-driven transactions in compliance with behavioral health?” It’s been pretty amazing.

So that’s my biggest takeaway: True interoperability is finally being addressed the way it needs to be.

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The HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition brings together 40,000+ health IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors from around the world. Exceptional education, world-class speakers, cutting-edge health IT products and powerful networking are hallmarks of this industry-leading conference.

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