About Viz.ai

Viz.ai is a technology company dedicated to saving lives by using the power of artificial intelligence to streamline emergency care for people experiencing a stroke. Because “time is brain,” a few hours can make the difference between a full recovery and lifelong disability or death. 

Viz.ai’s goal is to help healthcare organizations work faster and smarter by cutting down unnecessary delays and getting stroke patients the care they need right away. The fast-growing company currently has about 120 employees and has offices in Israel and San Francisco, CA.

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Yaniv Milhovitch, Chief Information Security Officer, Viz.ai

Part of my job is to make sure the security requirements of the organization don’t make the employees’ lives miserable. I want the tools we use to make it easier for employees to do their jobs, but the tools also need to be secure – without creating bottlenecks and stifling growth. Paubox helps us grow: the solution makes it easy to add new users, new tools, and new customers. The product’s performance is good, and I am very happy. Paubox and Viz.ai are growing together.

Yaniv Milhovitch
Chief Information Security Officer

Company Snapshot

  • Founded in 2016
  • Number of locations: 2
  • Paubox client since 2020
  • Viz.ai

Paubox Email Suite Goals

  • Adapt a HIPAA compliant solution
  • Use an easy-to-implement solution that doesn’t take time and attention away from other security, privacy, and compliance-related tasks
  • Partner with a software company that understands security
  • Work with a trusted, reliable solution


Because Viz.ai works with healthcare organizations, some of its clients’ reports and documents include protected health information (PHI). Dedicated to making sure customers’ PHI is protected and secure, Viz.ai deployed a piecemeal process to ensure it complied with HIPAA. However, the extra steps required to secure the information was slowing things down.

Sometimes, secure emails or external secure links would be blocked by recipients’ firewalls, or recipients had problems opening them. This created a bottleneck for Viz.ai’s customer-facing departments.

“Even though sending information via email is a last resort, I wanted to make sure that we had a secure platform that was easy to implement, easy to manage, and fluid. That is what I was looking for as the CISO,” said Yaniv Milhovitch, Viz.ai’s chief information security officer (CISO).


Paubox Email Suite provides “always-on,” zero-step email encryption that works in the background to send HIPAA compliant email. Customers simply click “send,” and recipients simply click “open.” There are no extra steps. Paubox Email Suite is HITRUST certified, which is the gold standard of security in the healthcare industry.

Paubox Email Suite’s ease of use is another big benefit. This dashboard is extremely fluid.

“With Paubox, the platform is working for me – I am not working for it. Not all solutions are intuitive, but this was clearly designed by humans, for humans,” Milhovitch noted.  

Viz.ai appreciates Paubox’s standout customer service. For example, the team sends email using several platforms, not just one. Paubox jumped in to customize PauboxEmail Suite to fit Viz.ai’s unique configuration, ensuring that no matter which system the Viz.ai team is using to send email, it’s being secured through Paubox.

When Viz.ai recently had a problem sending email through a specific vendor, the team requested assistance from Paubox. “Not only did Robert get back to us immediately, his expertise really helped us understand our options and helped us develop a plan to solve the problem. It was excellent,” Milhovitch said.


Adopting Paubox Email Suite has enabled Viz.ai to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity – all while encrypting 100 percent of the emails the company sends. In just three months, Paubox encrypted nearly 100,000 emails on behalf of Viz.ai.

As Viz.ai continues its rapid growth, it will continue to require integration with more platforms and more infrastructure. For this company, Paubox is the right solution. Viz.ai hopes to add additional Paubox products as the company continues to grow.

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Healthcare IT

Use case

Sending sensitive information in a HIPAA compliant way

Used solution

Paubox Email Suite

Favorite features

  • HITRUST CSF certification
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard
  • Easy implementation process, even with complex configuration needs
  • Solution removes bottlenecks and saved time
  • Technology has increased employees’ confidence in sending PHI via email

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