Can I use Faxage and be HIPAA compliant?

Can I use Faxage and be HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox

We sometimes get asked about Faxage and an organization’s ability to use it in a HIPAA compliant manner.

We know the HIPAA industry is vast so we can empathize with just how many people need to use cloud services in this sector.

Today, we will determine if Faxage offers HIPAA compliant service or not.

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Faxage is an Internet Fax service company. Their ideal customer profile is the small to medium-sized business space (SMB).

Located in Denver, Colorado, the company is owned and operated by EC Data Systems.

Faxage and the Business Associate Agreement

We’ve previously talked about how a Business Associate Agreement is a written contract between a Covered Entity and a Business Associate. It is required by law for HIPAA compliance.

We checked Faxage’s site and quickly found a page called HIPAA Compliant Internet Fax.

On the page, they note that they will sign Business Associate Agreements with their customers. They even put together a HIPAA Faxing Checklist.

Does Faxage Offer HIPAA Compliant Service?

The Business Associate Agreement is a key component to HIPAA compliance between a covered entity and a business associate.

We quickly discovered that Faxage will sign a BAA with its customers.


Faxage is HIPAA compliant.

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