Goodwin Law and Paubox social mixer for 500 Startups Health Track

Dale Beermann, Rebecca Woodcock, Jonathan , Saleem

  • We co-hosted a social mixer for 500 Startups Health Track last night
  • We also launched a new Paubox Email API service
  • There are 40 companies in the 500 Health portfolio

Last night we co-hosted a social mixer for 500 Startups Health Tracks with our legal counsel, Goodwin Law.

We held it at Covo and had catered food delivered from City Counter.

We used the event as a forcing function to launch our new Paubox Email API. We pushed hard this week to launch and we got it done. Proud of our team.

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Enjoy the pics!

Tyler “Commish” Dornenburg (Leapcure) with a strong use of hand gestures.
Evan Fitzgerald, Traven Watase, Tyler Dornenburg

We launched our new Paubox Email API today. Stoked.
Greg Hoffman, Shannon Honda - Paubox Social Mixer

Bill Growney from Goodwin Law. Mahalo for hosting the event with us, Bill!
Bill Growney, Traven Watase

Renee Char and Evan Fitzgerald chillaxin after our API launch.
Renee Char, Evan Fitzgerald

Ari Tulla (BetterDoctor) and Rebecca Woodcock (500 Health) catching up.
Ari Tulla, Rebecca Woodcock

“Where do we put these banners?”
Evan Fitzgerald, Greg Hoffman - Goodwin Law Paubox Social MIxer

Ari Tulla’s phone was on point last night. Most likely a preview of the Mix Tape of Happiness
Rebecca Woodcock, Dale Beermann, Jonathan, Ari Tulla

Rebecca Woodcock, Dale Beermann (Pacifica), Robert “Rogus1” Ogus, Suraj Mehta
Rebecca Woodcock, Dale Beermann, Robert Ogus

Evan “Senor Agave” Fitzgerald espousing the numerous health benefits of the Tequila Diet.
Evan Fitzgerald espousing the Tequila Diet

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