Join me for the HCCNC leadership series

Join Me for the HCCNC Leadership Series | Hoala Greevy, Paubox

Join the the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California and I on Zoom this Thursday (June 17th, 6pm PST) for my Leadership Series presentation.

Attend the HCCNC Leadership Series with Hoala Greevy

Planned Discussion Topics

My planned discussion topics are:

  • My backstory (“What high school you went?”)
  • Starting out as an entrepreneur
  • Founding Paubox
  • Moving (back) to San Francisco
  • What does it mean to be a Native Hawaiian Tech CEO?
  • The Leader always gives back
  • The road ahead

Hawaii Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (HCCNC)

Eric Tao, HCCNC 2017 Gala at the Westin St. Francis Hotel - Paubox
HCCNC co-founder Eric Tao

HCCNC was officially organized in 1999 as a California mutual benefit nonprofit corporation. It was formed as a result of discussions and meetings among its three founders.

The founders realized that a unique synergy existed among their acquaintances who either were from Hawaii or spent time there. The common bonds were around trust, good humor and a genuine desire to help one another. They concluded these bonds are a business asset that should be leveraged. Thus the motto, “Aloha is our business!”

Attend the HCCNC Leadership Series with Hoala Greevy

About the author

Hoala Greevy

Founder CEO Paubox. Kayak fishing when I can.

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