Is Freshcaller HIPAA compliant?

Is Freshcaller HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox

A phone system is an integral part of running operations, but you need to pick the right provider to stay in compliance with HIPAA. Phone systems have features that could collect electronic protected health information (ePHI), and they need to have robust security to remain HIPAA compliant.

Let’s discuss if Freshcaller meets HIPAA compliance requirements.

About Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a phone system that is part of the Freshworks CRM software. It operates on a cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) system. Freshcaller provides many features that allow healthcare providers to set up a smooth call handling process.

Freshcaller and the business associate agreement

Phone systems sometimes process ePHI such as in voicemails and call recordings. Covered entities will want to ensure phone providers sign a business associate agreement (BAA) to stay in HIPAA compliance.

Freshcaller mentions that the company is willing to sign a BAA upon request.

Freshcaller and data security

Freshcaller provides a secure operating environment (SOE) for covered entities and business associates. Data security features include:

  • Multiple controls for call recordings: Businesses have a variety of options to make call recordings HIPAA compliant. Some choices include disabling call recordings, manually starting call recordings, or storing call recordings on your local server.
  • Restricted access: Data is encrypted, and only users with necessary authentication can access it. You can configure role-based access controls to limit access to only authorized users.
  • SSL certificate: Freshcaller offers SSL for all users that use the support portal on the Freshcaller domain.
  • Endpoint security: This feature ensures that endpoint systems are rigid and secure to prevent any security attacks.

Is Freshcaller HIPAA compliant?

Yes, Freshcaller can be HIPAA compliant with a signed BAA.

Freshcaller offers multiple security features and is willing to sign a BAA to ensure HIPAA compliance. A healthcare provider is still encouraged to independently configure Freshcaller to stay in compliance with HIPAA.

What about email security?

While Freshcaller may meet your phone system needs, you also need to consider your email security. Sending HIPAA compliant email can often be a headache for healthcare providers.

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Paubox easily integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365, making it easier than ever to send and receive secure emails. Emails are delivered directly to the inboxes, so users won’t need to use a portal or third-party apps to access emails. 

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