Our new system status page

Our New System Status Page | Paubox

Last Friday I wrote a post on a significant service interruption we had last Thursday. In a nutshell, an errant script by one of our customers created a mail loop that brought our encrypted email platform to its knees.

As part of our crisis management response, we acknowledged the issue, took responsibility, and overcorrected.

In addition, we committed to switching to a new vendor for our System Status page. I’m pleased to announced we’ve done that today.

You can view Paubox System Status at any time here or by searching for “System Status” in the footer menu of our website.

Our New System Status Page

Here’s a screenshot of our new System Status page:

Our New System Status Page | Paubox

The System Status page now provides us with new functionality:

  • Customers can subscribe to the page to receive real-time alerts
  • The ability to automatically update the page without human intervention
  • An API
  • 3rd party integrations available

History of the System Status Page

I first read about the concept of a public-facing System Status page in Marc Benioff’s book, “Behind the Cloud.” The way Marc thought about it, the System Status page was a way to build trust with customers.

In our quest to become the market leader for HIPAA compliant email, our customers must trust and depend on Paubox to encrypt and deliver their email.

Our new System Status page is a further step in that direction.


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