Paubox zoom social mixer: SoCal edition

Paubox zoom social mixer: SoCal edition

The premise for a Zoom social mixer is simple, we gather customers and prospects together online and we make sure to deliver a beverage or food of their choice. There’s quite a bit of legwork involved, as we’re often sending deliveries to multiple time zones.

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Customers, prospects, and staff from California, New York, Missouri, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Michigan, Nebraska, and Ohio joined us for relevant conversations and hosted beverages.

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The Paubox zoom social mixer

We usually start off by asking customers and prospects to introduce themselves first. Then we introduce ourselves, followed by a toast. We’ll then segue to covering topics chosen by our attendees beforehand


Here are some takeaways from our event:

  • IT directors frequently bump up against the myth that portals are more secure because they are difficult to use and they have a need to clarify HIPAA compliancy rules.
  • We talked about geofencing and display name spoofing attacks.
  • Bad actors are still scraping LinkedIn to create credible phishing scams.
  • Employee security training is needed to prevent employees from falling for phishing scams, but it’s hard to make the time to put a program together to roll out. One attendee mentioned how rewarding it is to see a considerable improvement in employee security behavior after the training. 
  • One of the attendees used a fake phishing scam on employees of an offer for free tickets to a Braves game. Just about everyone opened it.

What our customers think of Paubox

Here’s what one of our customers had to say during the mixer: “One of the reasons I love Paubox so much is because whenever I need an answer to something, there is always a well-written description of what I need.”

Socal vibes

I was down in Southern California for Greg Hoffman’s birthday weekend. Happy birthday, Hoff!

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