Security and compliance in the era of telehealth and virtual care

Join healthcare IT and compliance leaders for a wide-ranging panel discussion on the security implications of the ever-expanding use of telehealth and virtual care. Hosted by email security leader Paubox, this webinar will address crucial questions related to PHI, HIPAA compliance and emerging security threats as an increasing number of Americans interact with healthcare providers exclusively online

August 2022


63 mins

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You’ll learn:

  • The HIPAA standards related to telehealth
  • Emerging security threats targeting virtual care and solutions to address them
  • The pros and cons of email vs. portal communication with remote patients
  • New security methodologies to consider

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Speaker Profiles: Hoala Greevy, CEO, Paubox; Ryan Schoppe, IT Director, One Health; Ryan Patrick, VP of Adoption, HITRUST

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