Vanessa Carmean: JPM Week 2018 interview (exclusive video)

Vanessa Carmean: JPM Week 2018 Interview (Exclusive Video) - Paubox

  • 10,000 attendees and over 450 private & public companies attend JPM week.
  • Digital health startup BetterDoctor hosted a Nordic-themed social mixer (with sauna!) on the Embarcadero on Tuesday.
  • Vanessa Carmean, PhD of Zayo is excited about data generated from genomic studies and electronic medical records.

The 36th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference went down this week in our backyard of San Francisco.

Otherwise known as JPM Week, it’s an opportune time to get out and network amongst our peers in the Health Care industry.

Vanessa Carmean, PhD: Biggest Concern for Digital Health in 2018

On Tuesday we attended the BetterDoctor social mixer on the Embarcadero.

While there, I got a chance to catchup with Vanessa Carmean, PhD of Zayo.

Here’s the transcript from our conversation:

Vanessa Carmean, PhD: I think I’m concerned about our ability to keep the United States as a leader in health care and about the quality of outcomes for health care.

But what I’m really excited about for 2018 is all of the data that we’re generating from genomic studies and electronic medical records and the amount of states and organizations that are getting into sequencing the human genome and what we can do with that data.

So bringing that data together for precision medicine in order to really have better outcomes than we’ve had before. To have more precise medicine, to have the right treatment the first time, so that our patients can have a better quality outcome.

Hoala Greevy: Thank you!

About Vanessa Carmean, PhD

Vanessa Carmean received her PhD in Neuroscience and has focused her career at the intersection of science, healthcare, technology, and business strategy.

She has started two companies and now leads the healthcare and finance segments at Zayo Group. Her work focuses on the data needs of health systems, life science, digital health companies, and driving Zayo’s growth in the healthcare and finance industries.

About Zayo

Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) provides communications infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud infrastructure to the world’s leading businesses.

Customers include wireless and wireline carriers, media and content companies and finance, healthcare and other large enterprises.

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