Webhooks added to Paubox Email API

Webhooks added to Paubox Email API

Event webhooks have been added to Paubox Email API.  This new feature is included for all existing and future Paubox Email API customers.

You can think of event webhooks as push notifications to a third-party system when an event has happened.  Our customers can configure webhooks to alert them when a message has been delivered, has a temporary failure, or has a permanent failure.  These are only the first of many webhook functionalities we plan to build.

Our webhooks transmit information regarding the subject of the email, the to and from addresses and the time the event was generated.  They support any HTTPS protocol endpoint on a connection using TLS 1.2 encryption or above.

For more information including how to enable webhooks for your existing account, please see our developer documentation.

About Paubox Email API

Paubox Email API is a great option for covered entities to send transactional messages at scale by quickly integrating our secure, HIPAA compliant email API into their applications.

With our HITRUST CSF certified product, patients receive encrypted emails directly to their inboxes—no passwords or portals required.  Easy to implement with clear documentation, a developer’s experience is as seamless as the email recipient’s.

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Paubox Email API comes with a freemium plan option that allows customers to send up to 300 emails a month for free.

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