What is a phishing lure?

What is a phishing lure?Phishing scams 

Phishing scams are cyberattacks that try to get your sensitive information through a phone call, text message, or email. Often hackers want your credit card number or Social Security number. Protected health information (PHI)  is also in high demand. 

Per the FBI’s 2020 Internet Crime Report, the number of phishing scams has doubled in the last year and they have become the most popular type of cyberattack on civilians. 

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Luring you in 

A phishing lure, also known as “bait,” is the tactic that these cybercriminals use to lead you to the place where they can steal your information. 

You’ve probably been a victim of the constant scam calls like many people across the globe. However, in Verizon’s most recent cybersecurity report, email was the most common way phishing attacks arrive at your door. 

Lures can take many forms, including hyperlinks or attachments like PDFs. Other signs you may have received a phishing attack are: 

  • Misspelled text within the website or hyperlink 
  • Unknown sender 
  • Lots of attachments with strange names 
  • Email sent at an unusual time like late at night 
  • The sender is attempting to get you to do something or to send information 
  • Other people are CC’ed that you don’t know 
  • Content is entirely unrelated to your job or interests 

How to protect your information

Staying aware of the signs of a phishing lure is one way to protect your information from being stolen. However, there are other preventive measures you can take. 

Although any company can be attacked through phishing lures, healthcare facilities and hospitals are some of the most common victims. Often affiliated with universities, massive phishing attacks can try and obtain PHI. Sending HIPAA compliant email protects your employees and patients. 

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Paubox Email Suite Plus features inbound email security, including these two unique features that keep phishing attacks far away from your inbox: 

Overall, phishing lures are a common way to steal information. Being prepared for cyberattacks should be a top priority for administrators of any company, especially those in the healthcare industry. By using Paubox products to protect your private information, the hackers won’t stand a chance!

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