Ben Tiggelaar, President, Enable Dental

I recommend Paubox. The ease with which people can read the encrypted emails we send and the time we save sending thousands of emails at once are the most critical issues that are being solved with Paubox Email API.

Ben Easton, Rupa Health

Paubox Email API is a solid API that is great for any health company. It’s much easier to use than its competitors’ solutions.

Ken Dabkowski, Senior Project Manager, Sedera

We want to meet the highest security standard possible. We wanted a solution that is tech-forward, the latest and greatest, but also easy to use. Other solutions require a bigger time investment on the part of email senders and receivers. We wanted to forgo all of that and make it easy on the front end. Paubox checked all of those boxes for us.

Morgan Smith, Head of Product Development, Coral

Paubox is a perfect complement to our system because it enables us to remain secure and keep our brand promise to keep everything in one place for our customers. It’s a perfect companionship, and it’s hard to imagine life without it.

Bhupendra Sheoran, Executive Director, YTH

If we couldn’t find a communication platform that was HIPAA compliant, we wouldn’t be able to launch PrEPTECH. And because we are a non-profit, we don’t have the budget to build it on our own. So we rely on the expertise of trusted vendors like Paubox to provide the security we need.

Daniel Nelson, CTO, PlateJoy

When I learned about Paubox, I knew it was exactly what I needed. There wasn’t really even a question. For the vast majority of users, the experience would just be email—familiar, ubiquitous email.