About Ellis Oral Surgery

The team at Ellis Oral Surgery is always looking for ways to make their processes more efficient in order to keep their focus on delivering a superior patient experience.

That meant looking for ways to use technology to boost their practice operations.

After trying to use a file sharing system and a portal based communication system, the team was still looking for better options.

“Using a portal based communication system for my referring doctors was inconvenient and distracted them from their normal communication processes,” said Dr. Jim Ellis, owner and surgeon of Ellis Oral Surgery. “Using non-encrypted email was not secure nor HIPAA compliant.”

After looking at numerous solutions, Ellis Oral Surgery chose Paubox Email Suite to optimize their workflows.

“Basically, we now utilize our normal email workflow to communicate with our referring doctors about their patients’ treatment. The information is instantaneous, convenient and most importantly secure,” said Dr. Ellis. “We also utilize the secure form so that we can receive secure patient information via our website. This is typically used by offices that do not have a HIPAA compliant email server.”

In the end, the decision was easy for Dr. Ellis and his team due to the ease of use and convenience to end users, while maintaining a high level of security with military-grade encryption.

About Ellis Oral Surgery

The most important thing for Ellis Oral Surgery is to provide patients with exceptional care while making their experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Dr. Ellis is an industry pioneer, specializing in guided dental implant and bone grafting surgery utilizing the latest 3-D imaging technology.

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Use case

Sending secure, HIPAA compliant emails at scale

Used solution

Paubox Email Suite

Favorite features

  • Automatic encryption
  • Security
  • Deliverability
  • Ease of use for recipients

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