Is awarenow HIPAA compliant?

Is awarenow HIPAA Compliant? - Paubox

Healthcare providers find online booking software a convenient way to schedule appointments with their patients. Providers can simply send a link, and the patients can choose a time best for them.

However, there can be HIPAA compliance issues with many online booking software. Let’s review awarenow and see if it’s HIPAA compliant.

What is awarenow?

awarenow is a business management software specializing in working with coaches, corporate wellness vendors, and consulting firms. It offers features such as booking management, billing systems, and client portals.

awarenow and the business associate agreement

Covered entities need third-party providers to sign a business associate agreement (BAA). Third-party providers, also known as business associates, that could receive protected health information (PHI) need to comply with HIPAA security rules. A BAA ensures that business associates are providing appropriate security measures.

awarenow is willing to sign a BAA, which is a step to ensuring HIPAA compliance. You can read the BAA by clicking here.

awarenow and data security

awarenow says on its website that it is compliant with HIPAA’s security and privacy policies. The company writes, “All of your awarenow account information, as well as communications with your clients, are protected by the highest on the market data encryption technologies.”

While awarenow doesn’t detail its data protection procedures, it is willing to sign a BAA, which implies that it follows all applicable safeguards to protect PHI.

Is awarenow HIPAA compliant?

awarenow can be HIPAA compliant. The company is willing to sign a BAA and promotes that it follows HIPAA security rules. 

Don’t be reliant on what awarenow says, though. Healthcare organizations are responsible for ensuring that any third-party software is configured to ensure compliance with HIPAA.

Consider HIPAA compliance with your email provider

It’s essential to ensure that you are following HIPAA security rules with all of your online communications.  For example, HIPAA compliant email is necessary to make certain that PHI is kept safe in email.

Paubox Email Suite is the solution that your healthcare organization needs to ensure that email data is kept safe from unauthorized parties. All of our products include a business associate agreement for free, so you can rest assured that we are using HIPAA compliance practices.

Our robust security tools will stop threats like phishing emails, spam, viruses, and malware from reaching a user’s inbox. Our patented ExecProtect feature also blocks display name spoofing emails from wreaking havoc on your organization.

Paubox is easy to integrate with your current email providers like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. You can send emails directly to a patient’s inbox, which means you can stop using client portals and passwords.

Try Paubox Email Suite for FREE today.

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