Our upcoming events and social mixers in early 2017

Paubox Team in SF
Happy New Year!

Last updated 2 March 2017. We’re excited to start 2017 off with several bangs. In the first two months of the year, we’ll be represented at an innovation conference in Silicon Valley, moderating a fireside chat at 500 Startups, hosting social mixers, nerf basketball competitions, and traveling to Orlando. We’re hoping to catch up or meet with you at these events!

Innovation Conference & Showcase in Silicon Valley

On January 12th (Thursday), we will have a booth at the HIMSS Annual Innovation Conference & Showcase at the Intel Auditorium in Santa Clara.

Stop by our booth and play nerf basketball!

Nerf Basketball is simple:

  • It’s free to play, just drop your business card with us
  • Stand behind the line and take your best four shots
  • We’ll have a leaderboard to track contenders
  • At the end of the conference, we’ll announce a winner

UPDATED: Norcal HIMSS Innovation Showcase Conference

Nerf Basketball - Paubox
Past winners have taken home tasty beverages

Fireside Chat at 500 Startups SF

On January 25th (Wednesday), we will hosting our next fireside chat at 500 Startups in SF. The topic will be “The Future of Digital Health in a Trump Presidency”

We will have an impressive panel:

  • Geoffrey Clapp, Health Technology expert and Paubox Adviser
  • Rebecca Woodcock, EIR 500 Startups and head of Digital Health track
  • Noah Lewis, Managing Director, GE Ventures
  • Lan Anh Nguyen, CEO, ManageUP PRM

This will be a timely fireside chat, as it will be the week following the presidential inauguration. We expect there will be more guidance issued between now and then, but with a healthy dose of speculation/discussion still available.

I will be the moderator and like always, we’ll have delicious Hawaiian food and beverages.

UPDATED: The Future of Digital Health in a Trump Presidency, a Fireside Chat

UPDATED: Healthcare technology experts contemplate the Trump effect

Fireside Chat: The Future of Digital Health in a Trump Presidency - Paubox
Paubox Fireside Chat at 500 Startups

Social Mixer at HIMSS17 Orlando

The annual HIMSS Conference is without a doubt the granddaddy of healthcare conferences. This year it will be held in Orlando from February 19th – 23rd.

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We will be hosting a social mixer at 6pm on Tuesday, February 21st at the Vista Cay Resort Clubhouse in Orlando.

UPDATED: HIMSS17 Orlando – Our Social Mixer (Day 2)

Paubox Social Mixer in Orlando
Paubox Social Mixer at the Vista Cay Resort Clubhouse in Orlando
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